Sliders 4.0 Cargo Motorcycle Riding Pants

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Sliders® 4.0 Cargo Motorcycle Riding Pants are essentially the same as the Khaki 4.0, but include the Moto-Secure cargo pockets. These Riding pants designed to truly allow the rider to dress nice, but still be protected. The Cargos are still motorcycle specific pants, but do not look like it. Everything, including the roomy fit, the cargo pockets and the soft, yet heavy duty cotton used is designed help you enjoy the ride. The Sliders® 4.0 Khaki Motorcycle Riding Pants are made a very soft, yet very durable cotton that is backed in the critical areas by Dupont™ Kevlar® aramid panels. So if you happen to go down in your Sliders® 4.0 Cargo Motorcycle Riding Pants the cotton will hold up well, but it you wear through that the aramid adds significant protection AND keep the pants from just tearing apart like a normal pair of pants would.


The most significant addition is the adjustable armor pockets on the knees. You can now order Optional CE Approved Armor for your Cargo Pants. The armor can be positioned at 3 different spots to accommodate most riders leg length. After all, what good is armor if it is not in the right spot.


Sliders® 4.0 Cargo Motorcycle Riding Pants give you the look of a regular pair of pants, but the benefit of name brand aramid protection on all the CRITICAL areas. That's right the same material used in Bullet proof vests. Don't settle for just any pants, get Sliders® with genuine aramid Protection. Aramid is weight for weight five times stronger than steel, Aramid protection is a must in high performance applications from spacecraft to automobiles, from skis to motorcycle apparel and gloves.


Sizing Help: A size 34 waist may actually measure about 35 to 35.5 inches depending on how you measure it. They are a more relaxed fit and not a slim or straight fit. You can measure an existing pair of pant or shorts you have to help with your size selection. Basic rule of thumb is actual measurement is 1-1.5 inches larger than the stated size. The inseam is going to measure about .5 inches longer than the stated size to help keep your legs covered on the bike. See reviews for sizing.


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