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JEANS with kevlar®


AGVSPORT™ proudly presents a new line of reinforced denim: Nomad™.

Nomad™ are lined with genuine Kevlar®, a material that is five times stronger than steel, by weight.


Similar to AGVSPORT™’s products, Nomad™ are made with the same care and goal,

 to adequately protect the rider while keeping the ride comfortable. Nomad™ come in different styles, whether you are going for a casual worn denim look, or a little more formal ‘chino’ look.


For riders, by riders. We create with you in mind, never sacrificing safety or

 comfort for appearance. This is what separates us from them. We produce high-quality jeans at an affordable price,

so you get the most bang for your buck.


Comfortable and perfect

for everyday riding


DuPont™ Kevlar®

13.5 oz. denim

Heavy duty cotton

Moto-ballistic mesh


We're dedicated to creating premium quality

A lot goes into choosing the material used for protecting bikers across the nation.  We chose Kevlar® by DuPont™ over other products such as Dyneema® by DSM because Dyneema® simply weighs more.


Quality takes into consideration, weight, and protection which includes tear resistance, abrasion resistance, and heat resistance.

All of the incorporated materials were chosen for both their durability and comfort levels.


We pride ourselves in listening to the riders who use our products, and allow our consumers voices resonate in the company’s product design philosophy.


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Kevlar® Jeans look just as good off the bike

as they do while riding


KEVLAR® Jeans are made to wear both on the bike and off the bike. We have styles ranging from a more casual, on-the-go look,

to a slightly more formal 'chino' look. We know that the sport of biking appeals to everyone, so we offer select styles for both male and female bikers.

All our jeans are made with authentic KEVLAR® and are made to promote comfort and protection.


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